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My Approach to Therapy



My professional experiences over the past 20 years have left me with a strong belief that, if one is in an intimate relationship, the health of that relationship is one of the most powerful forces influencing life satisfaction and well-being.  In this way, our intimate relationships are our most valuable asset.  At the same time, there are many ways this relationship can suffer or atrophy as life takes its course and charting a corrective path can be confusing and difficult.

I find great satisfaction in meeting couples wherever they are on this journey and collaborating to develop a new way forward that jettisons the relationship patterns that don’t work and replaces them with new ways of relating that facilitate connection and intimacy.  Your time is valuable so I like to focus our work with the most practical and scientifically tested strategies for restoring the relationship you want. The Gottman Method is my primary theoretical influence because it meets these important criteria.

Many people come to therapy for the first time with apprehension and uncertainty.  If we decide to work together, your thoughts, concerns, hopes, and fears will always be paramount as we will blend your needs with the most powerful therapy techniques in a supportive environment to reach your goals and give you back the relationship you want.

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